Week Notes

camp vibes in cardiff

There’s something about wearing jorts on the weekend that just feels so natural, so right.

It was a pleasant, spontaneous weekend filled with coconut water and popcorn (tons. of. popcorn). Saturday morning was so nice to grab coffee and catch up with a friend at Dark Horse Coffee Roasters in Normal Heights. Definitely go try the iced coffee with almond milk and homemade vanilla bean syrup! Strong and delicious. Later Gavin and I went for a 6-mile walk through the San Elijo lagoon, where I had to keep dodging baby lizards! It was a pretty trail and really neat to see the lagoon from a different perspective. (Contrasting the happy weekend we saw two pretty dramatic, if not depressing movies: August: Osage County and Out of the Furnace). Ended the weekend with a little beaching, reading, and face-masking.


dark horse coffee roasters san diego

PS- I just discovered that I HAVE A POMEGRANATE TREE! It’s like the jackpot of trees. Anyone know when this guy will bear fruit again?


Wishing you all an awesome week! 


2 Responses to Week Notes

  1. Looks like a good week! Pomegranate tree?! That’s so cool! I’m dying for warmer weather like yours over here!

  2. We just bought a little pomengranate tree! It will be a while before it bears fruit but I’m so excited to have it!

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