Gracias Madre: Vegan Mex


A few weeks ago Lizbeth took me with her to try out Gracias Madre in LA for the first time, and this was the most fun (and funniest) restaurant experience I’ve had in a whileee. It really was a full experience, not just a meal. Let me break it down.

  1. First of all, Lizbeth is an awesome date. Our plan was to “live-instagram” the dinner course by course, but I was way too busy laughing and enjoying the food to follow through. She is absolutely hilarious, and a fellow foodie who appreciates a good local, organic, (vegan) meal.
  2. We had an awesome server who wasn’t afraid to have fun with us and match our weird/sarcastic/delirious-after-a-long-day at LuckyFABB energy. Great service all around.
  3. The atmosphere is simple-modern-rustic (is that a thing?), gorgeous, and relaxing. The style is totally my taste, and I can see myself designing my future house after this place.
  4. Oh, and the food: fresh and amazing. I was a little skeptical to hear this was a vegan place because often vegan=soy, which is a no-no for me. I was thrilled there were tons of soy-free options, and really really liked the cashew cheese.


We ordered (the cutest) pomello cocktails, snuggled up in cozy Mexican blankets, and laughed every second our mouths weren’t full. We started with chips & guac, cauliflower nachos and a kale salad; moved on to a taco plate; and finished with an horchata for me, Mexican hot chocolate for her, and an apple cobbler a la mode with coconut ice cream.



I can’t wait to come back! Have you tried Gracias Madre yet? I hear there’s one in San Francisco as well!


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