Easy Breakfast: 3 Ways

Breakfast is by far my absolute favorite meal. I tend to mix it up a lot depending on how I’m feeling and what I plan on eating later in the day, but always keep it pretty simple. Here are three of my easy healthy go-to’s these days:

Almond Berry Oatmeal
almond berry oatmeal

This almond butter and strawberry topped oatmeal is so hearty and filling!
Old-fashioned oats
Flax seeds
Almond butter
DIRECTIONS: Cook oats with almond milk, stirring occasionally. When fully cooked, add flax seeds (I do about two tablespoons) and mix. Transfer oatmeal to bowl and top with almond butter and berries.

Spinach & Mushroom Scramble

spinach and mushroom scramble

2 eggs
Small handful mushrooms
Large handful spinach
DIRECTIONS: Heat coconut oil in skillet and add mushrooms. Once mushrooms begin to soften and cook, crack eggs and move around pan to scramble. When almost done, add spinach.

Rustic Avocado & Hemp Seed Toast
rustic avocado hemp seed toast

Rustic bread loaf or sprouted grain bread
Hemp seeds
DIRECTIONS: Cut and lightly toast bread. Add avocado chunks, spreading and smashing into bread. Sprinkle with hemp seeds.

What are your go-to breakfast foods?!

4 Responses to Easy Breakfast: 3 Ways

  1. Love these recipes! I can’t wait to try the Almond Berry Oatmeal! Sounds delicious :)

  2. I’m a total breakfast lover! Best meal of the day! These look so yummy :) I’m definitely leaning towards the almond berry oatmeal since I’m more of a sweet breakfast person!

  3. Tashiana says:

    Yum! If i’m ever low on fruit, avs, or toast then I just dump a bunch of cereal (kids cereal, jordans?) into a bowl and top with loaaaaaads of peanut butter and yogurt. Delicious. Kids chocolate cereal especially makes the combination taste like a dessert though :)

    • Yummmm! Have you ever tried “Krave” cereal, or “Lion”? (I think Lion might only be in Europe though…not sure). They are chocolate peanut butter caramel-y, soooo good!

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