Week Notes: Happiness Overload

I’ll be on a plane headed to Scottsdale, AZ by the time you’re reading this, but I wanted to do an early recap of my week since there will be a lot to say about this coming weekend! Plus this week has been a happiness overload, and I need to let it out.


So this Monday was very likely the best Monday I’ve had, like ever. I didn’t even wake up in the best mood but after sipping some new tea in my favorite mug, putting on a cute outfit, chugging a meta-d and prepping a healthy lunch, I was feeling so happy and energized! Plus it was an awesome day for both my mailbox and inbox. And as I got into the car to drive to work, my favorite upbeat song, Safe and Sound (yep, still) came on and just sealed the deal. That song is just made to be blasted in the car with the windows down on a sunny day.


This week is hot, hot, hot and I am loving it. Warm air on a sunny day is just my absolute favorite! This weather has me all excited to do some patio improvements (misters, hammock, mini bbq, more plants!) and popsicle experiments and party hosting. Anyway, the weather was so perfect Tuesday evening that everyone was out and about taking it in. Walkers, runners, puppies, surfers, bikers, campers…such a happy sight! Just one of the many reasons I love Encinitas. I joined the neighborhood and went out for a run-walk to Cardiff beach. It had been a while and felt so good and grounding. Beach runs always remind me of the year we lived at La Jolla Shores; when I would run by Scripps and into downtown La Jolla on the regular. And in the middle of the day because I was a student and had freedom like that. It was such a fun and transitional time in my life, and I only now realize those runs kept me sane. Anyway, I was overtaken by the same feelings of overwhelming inspiration and happiness on my run Tuesday, and the absolutely gorgeous day made it even better.


Wednesday evening I walked over to Starbucks to compute a bit and caught the funniest thing. Apparently Oprah has a new chai tea out, and one of the employees held a cardboard cut-out of her in the air while another shouted “YOU get a chai, YOU get a chai, EVERYONE GETS A CHAI!!”. I pretty much laughed like a lunatic.


I hope you all had moments of excessive happiness this week. Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Ashleigh says:

    Lol, that chai story is the best story. Oh, Oprah. Have fun in AZ. Hopefully it’s not any hotter than it is here! P.S. when you get misters on your patio…I’m there.

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