Taste of Cardiff 2014 Recap


This past Thursday was gloomy with a chance of meatballs- but then suddenly the clouds broke and it became a warm, sunny evening just in time for the 5th Annual Taste of Cardiff(The meatballs still made an appearance though).

The same concept as Taste of Leucadia, there were 21 restaurants and 8 sip stops participating in this super fun neighborhood event full of local food, drinks and live music! The weather was perfect and Cardiff became quite an energetic, friendly scene. I met up with my old pal Ashleigh and we spent the night catching up while walking, eating and boozing.


Besides devouring all of the delicious ahi/poke (like from PCG & Ki’s), some of my other favorite bites were Sambazon mini Acai Bowls, VG Donuts (naturally) and 7-11 Slurpees (teehee, it was the perfect night for one!). Bull Taco had some crazy squid tacos going on which weren’t my favorite, but it was cool to try something different while taking in the gorgeous view at the campgrounds.


With a full stomach and light buzz (compliments of St. Archer, Culture Brewing Co. and Stone) it was ultra convenient to walk back home, just a block from the start. It was such a fun & tasty night….I’m already itching for next year’s!


For other upcoming Cardiff events, visit Cardiff 101 Mainstreet.


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  1. Kasey says:

    How fun! I would love to go to this next year!

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