Week Notes


I’m enjoying such a pleasant evening at home. It’s comfortably warm with a cool breeze flowing in from outside. Sipping an iced almond chai and doing some reading and online research. And while sometimes I can get frantic and anxious with Sunday’s sunset- trying to squeeze as much out of the weekend as I can- right now I’m totally at ease and mentally prepared for tomorrow to be Monday.

I’ve gotta say this week was anything but ordinary! Tuesday I hit up happy hour for some “boozy brainstorming” with two of my favorite bloggers, Jessica & Avery who are fellow creative brains and totally inspiring (check them out!). Little did I know the next day I would be in the office for just a few hours before the Carlsbad fire spread just across the street from work. It was quite a frightening experience to be sitting gridlocked in evacuation traffic while watching and feeling the flames get closer and closer. Without being able to roll down the windows or touch the AC, I was left to just sweat and hyperventilate it out, alternatively eying the crazy flames and checking my phone for updates. Just as people began to get out of their cars and start walking someone came to direct traffic and I was able to get home safely. Fortunately the fires were far enough away from my house to feel mostly safe, but after that kind of dramatic experience I was pretty shaken for the rest of the day!


Thursday I worked remote and definitely enjoyed working from home in my bathing suit (pretty much the only option when your house is 100+ degrees) blasting music, and making popsicles on “lunch break”. I finished making my coffee table and even got some evening beaching in before cooking up some satisfying Thai coconut curry from scratch. I totally needed this day.

Friday night I grabbed dinner with my brother before heading downtown to The Noble Experiment (so cool!) to catch up with Ellie who was out for a visit. You have to find and go through a secret door to get inside, where it’s really intimate with an old fashioned, speakeasy vibe. And yesterday I hopped on a party bus with friends for a pretty wild brewery tour. It was a hilarious, exhausting day.


This morning I headed back downtown for some Sunday Funday action with my girls. Apparently Puesto at the Headquarters does brunch and it’s really tasty! I kept it light with a salad and frozen horchata cocktail, but will definitely be back for some churro french toast. We even got free tequila shots!

Overall, this week definitely felt like longer than a week. But a totally solid one. I’m looking forward to a more relaxed, low key week ahead before the long holiday weekend!


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  1. Jess says:

    I agree that last week felt longer than normal! I can only imagine how crazy it must have felt sitting in your car watching the flames. Glad you were able to enjoy a good few days regardless! I’ve been watching the fires on the news pretty closely and just this weekend the scent of the smoke actually reached OC. So scary! Have a great week! :)

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