Week Notes

This weekend in a nutshell: bare feet, flashtatts, parties, and old & new faces.


I took full advantage of this long holiday weekend, and have the bug bites and temporary tattoos to prove it! But really, it was great to reunite with some old childhood dance friends and get to catch up with my other pals I don’t get to see nearly often enough. After a weekend full of BBQs and beach photoshoots and margs and silliness, I happily headed home for some relax time and beach reading. (After seeing Sophia Amoruso at LuckyFABB I had to read #GIRLBOSS… and of course it’s just as funny and awesome as she is). And just as I was thinking to myself how much I love my neighborhood while walking back from the beach, I randomly met a really rad neighbor! Definitely a weekend for the books that left me feeling lucky and grateful…and ready to kick some ass in the next few weeks ahead.


What did you do this weekend? Cheers to the short week!

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