Week Notes


This was a week full of crazy dreams and a weekend balanced with fun and productivity. Some of my dreams included smashing tarantulas with my bare hands, having a frenchie pup that cuddled me so perfectly but I was afraid of letting him sleep in my bed (like a newborn), and an evil cop trying to frame me for a crime. Wednesday I went for a facial and spent the rest of the evening lounging and catching up on my massive stack of magazines. I didn’t even glance at my to-do list and it felt so freeing. I also did some more time at Club Pilates this week. While I still prefer the megaformer to these (basic) wooden ones, it’s been fun to try out some of the other apparatuses like the squat chair and wall tower.

Friday I went with Ashleigh to the media event preview party for the Del Mar Fair! VIP ya’ll. There was a ridiculous amount of free (and terribly unhealthy) fair food involved. But we met a magician and had some good fun.


I spent Saturday being lazy, doing errands sporadically, starting projects, basically everything and nothing. It felt weird to have nothing to do, something that always sounds better in theory than reality for someone like me. Sunday morning I rode my bike down to KI’s to meet up with blog friends Avery, Jessica, Ashleigh & Kelli for a fun brunch sesh. We hit up Fiesta Del Sol briefly after before I rode back home and officially commenced project Pimp My Patio.


After some cleaning, grocery shopping and meal prep I ran out to catch the sunset and get mentally prepped for the full week ahead!

Hope your week is off to a great start!




3 Responses to Week Notes

  1. Jenni Brooke says:

    Haha, your dreams! Love it. Dreams are so freakin weird sometimes. I once had to give a speech in a communications class on a topic of my choice, and I chose dreams because I thought it would be awesome to research them. And it was. Dreaming is awesome. By the way, I’m the exact same with having nothing to do. It always sounds great, but I get stir-crazy so quickly. Oh, and that corn on the cob looks delicious. I can’t remember the last time I had corn like that!

    • Yeah, dreams are so intriguing to me! I allllways have (weird) dreams, and it’s kind of fun to try to figure out why certain things were in my dream. It can be exhausting though, it’s like living a whole other life! Haha. Wish I had gotten the chance to research/write about them!

  2. Hillary says:

    yummm, totally craving corn on the cob!

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