Suja Essentials 3-Day Fresh Start

Suja Essentials 3-Day Fresh Start

After I heard about a pack of Suja for cheap at Costco I had to go and pick one up for myself (using a card with my brother’s face on it). This 3-Day Fresh Start is a hydration and whole food centered plan intended to recharge, restore and renew healthy habits after a bit of overindulgence. I figured even if I didn’t end up following the “cleanse” I could still just enjoy the juices a la carte.

As it turns out I found this 3-day reset not only easy, but actually enjoyable. Because you eat small meals to satisfy the desire to chew that often throws off even the most determined juice cleanse, temptation to break the diet is almost non-existent. And not only do you get to eat clean meals, but you have a nice variety of options for them as well. Being easy to follow, budget friendly (available exclusively at Costco) and ultimately successful, I felt compelled to share the fresh start program and my experience with you all!

Upon waking, you start the day with Spicy Lemonade. To be honest, it tasted a little too watered-down-maple-syrupy for me, but not hard to get down at all. The next day I tried adding another squeezed lemon into the bottle and it tasted much better. It also gave me a kick of energy I wasn’t expecting. Half an hour later or once you get hungry, it’s time for a small breakfast. I went with the same overnight oats every day out of convenience (and because I love them). When you start to get hungry in the afternoon it’s time for Green Greatness, a classic and refreshing green juice, followed by another small meal. I went with white bean salads, again out of convenience. And finally, before dinner comes the tasty Vanilla Nutz, a creamy dessert-like almond milk. I actually ended up not wanting to eat dinner after that because it was so filling and treat-like, but one of the nights I did make another salad. While the meals I chose were actually pretty boring now that I think about it, the box comes with a little recipe pamphlet that lets you take your pick from enticing meals and on-the-go options.

Overall: not a bad way to get back to clean eating after a bit of over-indulgence. I felt energized and great throughout (never hungry!), and most importantly it put me back on track with healthy eating. I could see myself doing this again after say, a weekend in Vegas.

Anyone else tried this 3-day reset yet? Or any others?

8 Responses to Suja Essentials 3-Day Fresh Start

  1. nourishbymelissa says:

    I’ve always wanted to try this Suja cleanse! It’s so pricey but I had no idea Costco carried it…I’ll have to check that out :)

  2. Hillary says:

    How much does the box at Costco cost (for 9 juices)?

    • LeeAnn Courteau says:

      $28.00 at Costco. I just tried it this week and I’m on day two. I agree, that I haven’t been hungry much. I will try your tip and add some more lemon to the morning one. I have a pretty wide pallet, and the green drink may be healthy, but YUCK. I will try adding something to it tomorrow to make it more palatable.Good Luck!

  3. I’ve not had much of a chance to catch up with blogs of late and have to say London yours is one of the ones I’ve missed the most! Intrigued by the sound of this cleanse, it seems a good gentle way to do it. x

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  5. Calli says:

    These juices are back at my costco (huntington beach) and after missing it the last time, I picked it up. Can’t wait to start!

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