Week Notes


Friends really just make life and it’s hard to ignore their importance to me, especially this week.

Monday was really stressful and without a doubt one of the most mentally and emotionally exhausting days I’ve had in years. Nothing tragic- just trying to make some time-sensitive big life decisions with my brain running in circles non-stop and being smothered by pressure from myself and others. I ended up at the beach every single day to try to clear my head (give me the answers, universe!). But all of my anxiousness and uncertainties began to fade away over the course of the week with the help of friends old and new, some nature therapy and perspective, and ok, a little Orange is the New Black binging.


This week I caught up with an old friend at exactly the right time and heard exactly what I needed to. We haven’t even seen each other in two years and only catch up every few months, but we have a special connection (the kind that comes from living together through the ups and downs of your craziest, best, most uncertain years) and I know we’ll always have some kind of place in each other’s lives. I got to meet up with new friends: the Celebration Run launch party, a spontaneous smoothie run, coffee brainstorms. I even got some cyber love from a new friend who doesn’t even know how motivating/soothing her kind words were. And then of course, there’s those ancient friends who support you no matter what, know what you’re going to do before you do it, and will take your secrets to their grave without even being asked to. Can ya tell I’m feelin’ so loved and grateful?!

The weekend was just what I needed- some spontaneous hangouts, new music, sunshine, healthy food, experimental baking, retail therapy, work outs, iced coffee & reading. Perfectly low key and therapeutic. And now I’m ready to go dominate the fresh week ahead and prepare myself for a weekend in Vegas with more of my old, dear, crazy-ass friends.




Happy new week!

3 Responses to Week Notes

  1. Hillary says:

    your weekend sounds lovely! cheers to a fresh, new week!

  2. Happy new week! I’m so glad you stopped by the Celebration Run launch party. Let me know when you’re free next and let’s do another happy hour/ brunch/ walk on the beach/ lounge on the beach! Hope this week is off to a refreshing start :)

    p.s. I have one more episode left in Season 1 of Orange is the New Black. I’m officially hooked and my roommate and I binged on four episodes last night.. yea…

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