Week Notes

It’s officially summer! And starting to really feel like it, too.20140623-082801.jpg

There is so much going on lately, but it’s been awesome, not overwhelming. The more I do the more natural energy I have. Something about this time of year really just makes me feel more spontaneous, empowered and alive.

It could also help that I finally dusted off my juicer and have been eating lots of spinach (hello, iron!) and feeling pretty healthy. That is, when I’m not at tasting events (which there were two of this week!) good-bye happy hours, and oh ya, in Vegas.


Thursday I attended the Del Mar Summer Solstice fundraiser event, which Ash is responsible for organizing every year. It was a gorgeous evening on the beach with live music and great food, and I had a blast meeting her interns & ex-interns and sipping local beer, sangria, and Bon Affair.


I did have one night without plans this week which I spent finally organizing my closet. A win-win because it no longer looks like a disaster zone and I found old jeans & shorts that fit me again! Like, about time. Then I was off to Vegas for a good 26 hours to celebrate with my ladyfriends from back home. Short but successful!




Anyone else noticing their calendar filling up these days?! Also, don’t forget to enter the Hurraw! Balm giveaway before Thursday!

2 Responses to Week Notes

  1. Jenni Brooke says:

    First of all, you’re gorgeous. Just thought you should hear that (for probably the millionth time in your life). Also, I totally know what you mean about having more natural energy when you do more. It’s being lazy that makes us tired!

    By the way, organizing my closet is one of my favorite things to do. Haha. I reorganize my closet all the time. I keep trying to get rid of things I don’t wear, but every time I do this, I still keep things that I never end up wearing. Don’t know how to solve this issue.

    • Jenni, you are too nice!! :) And I have the same clearing out issues too…because what if one day you need that random top you got rid of?! Haha. I did a quick sweep but plan to really pare down my closet at the end of summer….we’ll see!

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