Green Lemonade

I recently dusted off my amazing slow masticating juicer and am officially back on the homemade juice grind. Summer makes me crave green juice (and watermelon and salads and everything fresh). But a juicing session can get a little out of control when your kitchen is as small as mine. Without fail, veggies end up all over the house- washed greens waiting on the coffee table, chopped apples on top of the fridge, celery drying on the dresser. Gotta take counter space where you can get it around here!

For that reason, I like to juice in bulk and make enough to go around for the next few days. This Green Lemonade is my go to- it stays bright, citrusy and fresh the next day and the one after. It still tastes “green”, but has a bit of a tart kick that is oh so refreshing. Nothing like starting out a warm day with a cold serving of Green Lemonade! Now let’s get sippin’.


Green Lemonade
1 bunch spinach
1 stalk celery
2 cucumbers
1 apple
3 lemons
1 grapefruit

Clean all produce well; chop to necessary size. Turn that juicer on and juice away.


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