Sangria Slushies and DIY Healthy Happy Hour


As fun as going out for happy hour can be, sometimes you just want to call your friends over and get comfy at your own place (or someone else’s- hehe). After quite a few rounds of happy hour-ing in the past few weeks, it was time to switch it up with a much needed kick-back (remember those?! Oh high school).


This week we tried to channel a healthier happy hour with some mango salsa, smashed avocado, chips and cherries, all chased down with frozen Sangria Slushies! It’s so much easier to keep the celebration healthy and fresh when you throw it together yourself. Frozen drinks were the perfect touch for this warm evening- super refreshing and a little fruity, there will be many more of these boozy slushies to come this summer!


Sangria Slushiesmakes about four
1 bottle sangria (we used Yellowtail)
1 cup frozen berries
1 cup ice cubes

Add together and blend! Garnish with berries and a cute straw, maybe even some basil.


4 Responses to Sangria Slushies and DIY Healthy Happy Hour

  1. Katie says:

    Yum! Those look delicious!! Now I want a sangria slushy…


  2. These look amazing!!! These would be perfect for like an afternoon on a rooftop here in Brooklyn!

  3. Tashiana says:

    These looks lush!!

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