DIY Hairpin Leg Coffee Table


A few months back I picked up a set of unfinished steel hairpin legs from the Long Beach Antique Market with the intent of making a cool little coffee table. I had been eyeing hairpins for some time but it was actually very much an impulse buy. I tried to leave the flea market without them but had to circle back because I knew I would regret not grabbing ’em!


Without a plan other than “attach to wood”, I hit the internet to start browsing tutorials and options. I wanted, ok needed to keep it simple, so began with Retro Menagerie’s thorough and straightforward tutorial and adjusted slightly from there. Be sure to check out her instructions if you’re even thinking about making a similar table; they detail everything you’ll need and include a handy sketch to help map out all of the piece parts. Her design uses cleats on the bottom to help support weight and although I’m not entirely sure that they are necessary- especially considering the smaller size of my table- I wanted to do it right the first time and make sure this thing was sturdy!

DIY Hairpin Leg Coffee Table by Retro Menageriecoffeetablestyling.jpg

Aside from staining dry times (which actually went really fast because of the 100+ degree heat out here the week I decided to start) it’s a quick project that you can assemble in about an hour. In terms of difficulty, I might give it a 5-ish 6? Here’s the thing: I couldn’t find the charger for my drill. But stubborn determined as I was to get this thing assembled already, I decided to make it work. By hand. Yup! I hand-screwed the legs in (12 screws), and then added on the three cleats (9 more screws!). Let me tell you, it was hard. My brother came by when I had just two screws left so I tried to get him to finish it off for me, and he couldn’t even do it. I’ve never been more proud of blisters!


I love the color stain I went with that subtly highlights the character and texture of the wood, and also just the fact that I finally have a coffee table to style. Yeeeew!

If you try this out (or really any other cool DIY table) I’d love to see!

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