Week Notes


It’s been a solid week! One that I was expecting to be a lot slower than it turned out to be.

On Wednesday I tried out a new natural health clinic and vitamin shot concoction. I loooove Vitamin B shots but always forget to get them regularly. After this week though, I’m so obsessed that forgetting isn’t gonna be possible. I’ll keep it brief because I feel an entire dedicated post coming on, but the “Be Happy” shot I got was absolutely amazing. I want everyone in the world to be able to experience it! It gave me such a relaxed, calm and focused energy. Crappy drivers and annoying people didn’t bother me at all, and it also didn’t give me such a high high that I felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest with happiness (hello, caffeine). It was so much easier to wake up the next few mornings too. I’m going back for “happy hour” this week with whoever I can recruit, muahaha.


It’s so much easier to make healthy choices when you already feel healthy. I ate really green lunches this week (literally: spinach tortilla stuffed with spinach, avocado, cucumber and hemp seeds). Got some good work outs in this week too, starting with Monday Body Pump and ending with a beach run-walk on Saturday morning. It was an absolutely beautiful day in Cardiff and my FranceLuxe hair ties made me even more happy. Don’t they remind you of those 90’s bracelets you would win from Chuck E. Cheese?!


Friday was dedicated to taking care of business and relaxing before the busy weekend ahead. Kicked the weekend off right with a Pipes Dirty Chai and later ended up brain-dump journaling while breathing in the fresh air and watching the out-of-control purple sunset.



Saturday evening I headed up a little north to celebrate the birthday of one of very my best friends. We grabbed dinner (and beer flights galore) before a hilarious wine + painting class. It was too much fun and so great to see most of my girls!


I love this group of creative and determined ladies! It’s so inspiring to chat with friends who have very similar interests and struggles, and get to bounce ideas off of each other. From left: Kelli, Andy, Jessica, Ashleigh, Avery.

In true Sunday Funday fashion I met up with my favorite bloggin’ boss crew for a full day of fun, starting with brunch at one of my favorites, Sea & Smoke! After catching up over some coffee with oat milk, we hit the CINNAMON ROLL BAR to load up our hot cinnamon rolls with add all kinds of do-it-yourself toppings. Sooo good. Then we balanced it out with more healthy dishes like fresh salads and omelettes.




After a little pre-game bubbly, we spent the rest of the day at the San Diego Polo Club! This was my first time attending a polo match and I had no idea what to expect. While most people were wearing their “Sunday Best”, the atmosphere was very laid back and relaxing, not at all stuffy. Post awesome golf cart ride, we sat in the VIP tent and ordered a few drinks while pretending to know what was going on. The announcer was really funny and animated, and over-all it was an awesome try-something-new experience. Thanks for having us, SD Polo!






Here’s to another fresh and balanced week ahead!

5 Responses to Week Notes

  1. Hillary says:

    I’ve never heard of the Vit B shots, so I’d definitely be interested in another blog post about ’em :)

  2. Avery says:

    Sounds like a GREAT week! Do you by chance do happy hours at Body Blu??? They’re my new favorite place! Im a huge fan of the “Hot Shot” pre-workouts… #BeastMode. So glad we could catch up at brunch yesterday, looks like a fun time at polo! Looking forward to our next blogger meetup and getting started on some projects! Also- I want to order a custom necklace from you!!!

    • Ahhhh, Body Blu is LITERALLY right up the street from my place! I haven’t made it there yet though. I’ll meet you next time you go, and we can work out after or grab healthy dinner, whatever! I tried a new place in Solana this time called Spark Health (mainly because their happy hour includes discounts on the specialty shots, and I was intrigued by their options!). And awesome, I’ll text you about a necklace! :)

  3. Tashiana says:

    Aaaah how good do those cinnamon rolls look! We need some over here! Beautiful pics, you look amazing as usual! And I agree, it is so much easier to make healthy choices once you’re on a roll (not a cinnmaon roll though, haha!). This week i’ve been struggling since there has been so much tempting stuff EVERYWHERE – and I’m not one to say no to giant brownies and triple decker carrot cakes! When I do eat veg it’s mashed potatoes – it’s probably time to start afresh!
    Tash x x

  4. nourishbymelissa says:

    Your weeks always seem like so much fun :) Glad you had a good one!

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