Celebrating Jupiter in Leo


You guys know I’m a little into astrology around here. Although I’ve always been intrigued by horoscopes, this interest has grown into a full-on fascination over the past few years. Since 2012, my horoscope year overviews have been completely on point and over the last few months my weekly horoscope forecasts have been getting increasingly more (creepily) accurate, which has peaked my interest even more. I won’t give specific examples on how crazy these horoscopes have been lately because this is the internet I’m talkin’ to here(!) but know that they were not at all vague predictions (such as “you will encounter some struggles”) but very detailed and almost uncomfortably accurate. (And if you don’t want to take my word for it, Ashleigh will confirm!).

So I’m really excited this week because…Jupiter enters Leo! If you have no idea what that means (like myself just a month ago) let me help you out. I feel like throwing a party!

Jupiter is the “king” planet that signifies optimism, luck, generosity, breadth, freedom, courage, travel and learning. It moves through and stays in each sign for about a year, and it’s believed to bring more opportunities your way. When Jupiter moves into your own sign it’s like a major peak year that only comes around every 13 years. So in other words, a pretty big deal.

Regardless of your sign, Jupiter in Leo signals a year in which “you will grow and learn through improving the way you present yourself in the world”. For everyone in general this shift should bring new opportunities, optimism and confidence. Even if you don’t end up altering a major area of your life, you’ll likely feel a palpable shift in your attitude. Interested in what Jupiter in Leo means for you and your year specifically? Read here to see how this significant transit will affect your Sun-Sign.

For myself and fellow Leo’s, the next 13 months are all about growth and expansion. Now you’ll begin a new cycle of self-discovery, exploring your potential and taking a bigger bite out of life. It’s a great year for growth in all areas – spiritually, materially, psychologically and creatively. Hollllaaaa!

“This year kicks off a major growth cycle for you. Your very sense of self and what you are capable of will expand considerably this year, and you’ll learn a great deal in the process. You can enjoy terrific rewards from taking realistic risks and going for your dreams. Favorable circumstances, contacts and relationships come into your life to assist in this process, and you’ll also assist others through your efforts at this time. Your self-confidence gets a boost and with it your world becomes grander.”

Yeah, that sounds awesome. Bring it on! (And Bring It On Again….jk). I feel like this good energy has already begun building lately, so I’m excited for what’s to come and ready to focus on seizing these opportunities and actively dedicating time for self-discovery to really make the most of this year.


Now I want to know! Where do you check your horoscope? My go-to’s are R29 & Free People.

Also- any fellow Leos? :)

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  1. Eryn says:

    give me your tank top…

  2. happsters says:

    Just looked up Aries (mine) and am stoked! Love this post.

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