Week Notes


What a week! Thinking back to Monday feels like waaaay more than a week ago. I had a friend in town visiting (my first real visitor and non-puppy sleepover at my place!) and we had a much needed catch-up night over sushi and beers. Sleepovers are so much fun!


This week I had an epiphany and remembered that my brain functions so much better when I just dump it all out down on paper every morning. Clearing my mind of thoughts, worries, lists and daydreams for at least ten minutes makes it so much easier to focus for the rest of the day. I’m talking stream of conciousness, will make no sense if I ever go back to read it kind of writing. Target is already on their back-to-school game so I grabbed a fresh notebook for these daily brain dumps. Am I trying to justify purchasing back-to-school supplies even though I’m no longer a student? Yes. Absolutely yes.


Wednesday I met up with Ashleigh & Kelli for a round of happy hour vitamin shots. Told you I’m recruiting people! Kelli- a fainter- just observed and took creeper buttcheek photos for us, bahahah. Kelli and I then went for a romantical sunset walk through the lagoon. Although I didn’t feel the Be Happy shot as dramatically as last week, when I got a FLAT TIRE the next day I found it more comical than annoying. Plus, my tow truck guy was pretty funny and did a great Rocko’s Modern Life voice impression.

I was looking forward to the weekend because I had almost absolutely nothing planned and wanted to execute a lot of projects. I got to hack into a coconut, play around with new necklace styles, edit photos, run on the beach and dig into my excessive magazine stack before ending the day at dinner with friends.


Today I woke up in a confused panic with no idea what day of the week or even month it was, concerned that I was supposed to be somewhere. No better feeling than finding out it’s Sunday! I headed down to Little Italy for a free Lululemon-sponsored Core40 class and introduced Ashleigh to my all-time favorite workout. It’s been a few months since I hopped on the megaformer at Core40 and mannnnn I miss it. Classes are pretty expensive but I might just have to adjust my budget to make it work again.


After class we walked back to Ashleigh’s pad and spent the day grilling and photoshooting projects. Bellies stuffed we walked down to a cute coffee shop for an afternoon pick-me-up. This cookie bar was the most decadent thing I’ve eaten in a while and out of control delicious.



I’m smiling (like a weirdo alone in Starbucks) just thinking about the weekend because it’s been such a perfect balance. When I think about long summer days these are the kind of days I remember and lust over.

There’s a new moon next week, the symbol of new beginnings. If you’re looking for a fresh start in any area of life, spend some time contemplating what you want and need- this could be a kickstart!

5 Responses to Week Notes

  1. Hillary says:

    Thanks for the positive note to start a fresh new week. Definitely going to be thinking about the new moon — what day?

  2. Sounds like a great week! I always celebrate the new moon — leaves me feeling refreshed and re-motivated! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Pearly Bird says:

    Just thought I’d drop by to tell you how much I love receiving your posts, especially the week notes! So fun to see what you are up to and I always end up inspired to try something new. Glad to see all is swell on the west coast! Oh, and you’ve got me reading more about astrology and the new moon. :)

    • D’aww THANK YOU! I love reading your flight pattern highlights, too. Such a fun concept to highlight what you’ve been up to. Definitely let me know if you ever find yourself out this way! :)

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