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I’m cozied up with some tea and keepin’ it short today! A very ordinary week turned into quite an out-of-the-ordinary weekend. The week was primarily focused around work and side projects, with beach runs, healthy meals and therapeutic cleaning sprinkled in. But by Friday it was time for a weekend of fun weather, firsts (new hair lady, new cafes & restaurants) and “it’s been a long time”s (boating, golfing, matinee movies!).

Take a peek into my week, below:


Spent many golden hours this week trying to capture the perfect shots for a fun product styling gig I’ve been working on. If you need me, I’ll be the girl in Home Depot buying an assortment of random wood and tiles. And strategically placing ingredients on the floor while trying to avoid bugs and shadows.


Kicked off the weekend aboard the Jaw Breaker with some good friends for a little night fishing and fireworks! I took over as Captain for a bit before the sea sickness took it’s hold. By the time we headed back to the marina I was feeling (drowsy but) so much better!


Nothing like walking down the street to meet friends (Ash & Kelli) for 40lb breakfast burritos! On the way home it started raining, though it was so warm and humid out. Made me really miss Portland and even Arkansas (spent some muggy summers there visiting grandparents growing up!). I guess I really like summer storms.



Getting out of the rain for a bit G & I headed to Cafe Cantata for some dirty chai’s and computer time. So glad I finally made it over there- the design is gorgeous and it’s spacious enough to stay focused and relaxed, too. Though it was still drizzling out, we hit up a driving range to swing some golf clubs! I actually hit more than a few good ones and now my arm and back are sore.


Post early evening movie (Chef) we tried out a new to us place- East Village Asian Diner. I see it all the time but had never thought to look up their menu before. Even though it wasn’t cold out, a Japanese white ale and the veggie & shrimp hot pot was the perfect end to a rainy, wet day.

And now I’m off to enjoy the rest of Sunday- stayin cozy and productive inside. Have a great week!

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  1. Tashiana says:

    The beauty of that first picture is making my eyes melt! Your week looks like it was so fun and colourful! I wish I could have some beach in my week as well! Tash x

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