Week Notes: August 10


Sitting back with a Stumptown Cold Brew and crispy sun-kissed skin, I can’t keep a smile off my face reflecting back on the past week. Sure it was full of fun activities, happy mail, and productivity in general, but there was also a certain depth to it. I found a few powerful articles on Zen Habits- “How to Master the Art of Living” being my favorite, about letting go of expectations to truly be happy and experience things just as they are. I also received my first pair of mala beads from Tiny Devotions- finally pulled the trigger on a design (The Flow Mala) and as soon as I put on the seafoam green amazonite I knew I made the right choice. Throw in making good progress on The Desire Map and reading another book start-to-finish- 101 Secrets For Your Twenties, and I’m feeling pretty grounded.


After a full week of treat yo’ self appointments and barefoot evening escapades, the weekend was still my favorite part. Highlights below!


Happy Hour Made Healthy’s first homemade segment at Kelli’s beach bungalow. Sharing the deets and summery recipes this Thursday!


After Saturday morning Pilates I met up with Ashleigh and a fellow SD blogger Kellen at Java Earth Cafe for some iced coffee, pitaya bowls, and fun conversation.


I then almost immediately ate more food (lawls) with some dear friends in town for a quick visit. I took them to my old stomping grounds (Caroline’s Cafe in La Jolla) for some fresh food and killer views. Here’s me looking like a hobo with Eryn, half of the Halfsies. Speaking of- I peeled off my workout clothes and threw this on in the Java Earth Cafe bathroom…and a hobo accidentally walked in on me changing. It was fun.


I planned on being productive the rest of the afternoon, but when the sun finally came out at 5pm I had to lay out and get my bronze on. I finally opened up 101 Secrets For Your Twenties and quite a few parts really spoke to me. Although it’s nothing mind-blowing, it has some funny and worthwhile reminders that make it recommend-worthy.


Sunday morning SUP Yoga in Mission Bay with my blogger babes crew and San Diego Paddle Yoga! Although I like to think growing up as a dancer gave me some good balance, I was the only one in our group to fall in. Bahaha. Maybe if I wasn’t directly next to the instructor while she purposely made waves and then instructed us to hop in circles on the board I wouldn’t have fallen in, but really who knows :P. It was fun, challenging, and definitely something I’d try again. Afterwards we devoured some sandwiches and crossed over to the beach to lay on the warm sand and solidify our sunburns.


And finally, after a nice shower and refreshing iced tea I got to snag my cutest, furriest neighbor for a walk and park time. Sunday afternoon at its finest. And ya know what? I’m not even the slightest bit bummed the beautiful weekend is over because there’s LOTS of good times and fun things to look forward to this week! My birthday is a week from today, so this is officially pre-birthday week entering into BIRTHDAY WEEKEND. Nothing crazy planned, but I’m looking forward to spending quality time with some of the beautiful souls that make me so happy. And eating. And drinking. Yeeewwww!

Happy new week!

4 Responses to Week Notes: August 10

  1. Ashleigh says:

    Can I haz it? Can I haz the sexy girl update?

  2. Eryn says:

    I love how you added the part about the hobo walking in on you! lolzzz…

    It was too short and too fun my lovely lady!

    xoxo Hot cheeto

  3. Buff-Beauty.com says:

    Once again loving your week notes! One of my fave series. x

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