DIY Summer Cocktail Bar & Popsicle Champagne Drinks



To celebrate my birthday this year all I wanted was beach hangs, friends, and fresh cocktails. I have so many gorgeous cocktails pinned and feel like there’s never an occasion to try them out! (Although I feel like the blog iskiiiiinda making me out to be a lush these days…woops). Initially I wanted to pick a few specific recipes to create, but realized a DIY cocktail bar would be way easier, not to mention space efficient and fun! My friends took over the bar and served me up some pretttyyyy tasty concoctions!


There’s not much to a DIY cocktail bar except: stock a variety! Here’s what we went with:


Alcohol: vodka, rum, more vodka, and tequila.
Fresh ingredients: summer herbs like mint, basil & cilantro, and sliced up cucumbers and peaches. (Had watermelon but forgot to puree it & would have also added berries but ran out of time!).
Add-ins: club soda, ginger-ale, mango peach iced tea and flavored italian sodas (mmm grapefruit!)
Top it off: cute straws!



Before walking over to the beach we whipped out the Popsicle Champagne dranks, definitely a highlight! No recipe here because it’s as easy as you can get: take a fruity popsicle (we went the pineapple & raspberry route), stick it in a glass, and pour chilled champagne on top! We used our favorite sparking wine, Bon Affair, which has electrolytes and zero added sugar. The champagne starts melting the popsicle and it’s delicious! Thinking we’re gonna have tomake these again after a beach day labor day weekend.


Have you ever tried a cocktail bar? Let me know what you used! 


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