Week Notes: August 24


What a week! Sandwiched between two long weekends with lots of beaching and lots of amazing food.

Because I took Monday off for my actual birthday, my week technically began on Tuesday with a little back-to-real-life catch up, a beach run and a new book my grandparents sent to my Kindle….which I could not put down and stayed up past midnight to finish. It was definitely a page turner, but I also just have self-control issues when it comes to reading books. 😛


Wednesday night I met up with a handful of awesome ladies at the newly expanded Puesto in La Jolla. We sipped seriously delicious drinks like the fresh grapefruit Paloma and Burro Blanco (essentially a mule with tequila) in between taking shots of smokey, “earthy” chicken-infused tequila (baha yeahh, not my thing) while discussing the ins and outs of life as a creative entrepreneur and Uber rides gone wrong. We shared the Crab Guacamole, Mexican Street Bowl, and Tostada Tasters before I dug into my own Mercado Salad w/ Shrimp. So fresh and light, but still satisfying! I also got in on someone’s black beans with queso fresco and they were (no lie) the best beans I’ve ever had.


Thursday evening my my mom came down for an overnight visit and we hit up our favorite spot, True Food Kitchen, for a celebratory birthday dinner. I wasn’t particularly hungry but everything sounded good, so we shared the soup of the day which was a creamy (yet dairy-free) zucchini soup and an heirloom tomato watermelon salad. I had a few large bites of the spaghetti squash casserole- which was just as delicious heated up the next day- and then finished off with a scoop each of Blackberry Basil sorbet and Chocolate Mint ice cream.


I took Friday off of work to spend with my mom, so the day went like this: Naked Café breakfast, beach, naps, reading, ocean dips, and a refreshing beer and late lunch from Encinitas Fish Shop. I actually just went to this super new spot not even a week ago, but already had to go back and bring my mom! Look out for my full review coming this week. Finished off the day off with lots of shopping (felt like we were back-to-school shopping!), and I was pooped.


Saturday was happily productive with a beach run, errands and tons of to-do crossing. Just before a beautiful sunset I headed over to Kelli’s for a girls night of wine, bomb avocado bruschetta, major catch-up and party planning. I bought this bottle of wine two years ago in Napa, and just accidentally hoarded it/never had an occasion to open it. I decided tonight was the night for some Blondie Gone Wild, and it was perfect to share with my favorite healthy happster.



And then we closed out the full week with some Sunday Funday action! I headed down to Ashleigh’s neck of the woods and threw some laundry in her washer before heading out to the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market. We ran into OH! Juice’s founder Hanna Gregor, who talked us through a tasting of the whole juice line as well as some new & seasonal juices. While everything was delicious, I was especially drawn to the “Coffee” Almond Milk- which tasted like coffee but was made with herbs and spices like ashwaganda root, and a watermelon jalepeno juice that would be delicious in a cocktail.


Between the pedicures and spontaneous lunch at Cafe 21 that followed, Ashleigh and I got a lot of exciting brainstorming done together!



Although I’m more than kind of freaking out that it’s already the last week of August, it’s gonna be another good one and I’m feelin’ ready to kill it this week. Hope you are too!

4 Responses to Week Notes: August 24

  1. Kelli says:

    Ok I have the exact same problem with books! I bought a book Sunday and had to finish it the same day bc it was so good. Maybe we should start trading books

  2. Hillary says:

    what a week! it appears there are some AMAZING restaurants/cafes in san diego. is it $$ to eat out all the time? lots of fresh eats, yum!!!

  3. Cara-Mia says:

    You seem to find the best spots in SD! Adding some of this to my list. :)

  4. Carolina says:

    That sounds like such an amazing week! And those “oh! Juice” drinks look so good, and cleverly named 😉 haha

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