Happy Hour Made Healthy: Lotus Thai

Lotus Thai San Diego

You ready for another Happy Hour Made Healthy?! We thought so.

This time around, my esteemed colleague (haha, jk) Ashleigh and I headed to Hillcrest to scope out the healthy happy hour offerings over at Lotus Thai. The dimly lit but modern dining room set the theme for our entire experience- a fresh take on traditional Thai that kept us there wanting more!  With happy hour this good, sometimes you just have to stay for dinner (and maybe dessert) too 😛




Silk Pearl (Han Soju vodka, peach puree, champagne) and Pink Lady (Han Soju vodka, lychee juice, pomegranate, and champagne). Both of these bubbly drinks feature Soju, an Asian spirit with less alcohol (and calories) than traditional vodkas. Fruity but not overly sweet, these drinks started the night off right.


Rambutan Mojito – Native to Southeast Asia and most similar to tropical lychee, the rambutan fruit has a hydrating juicy flesh full of Vitamin C and copper, which help your body flush out toxins and free radicals. This subtly tart mojito was super refreshing.



Heaven Roll – Cool chilled rice paper rolls of tofu (omitted), shrimp, bean sprout and fresh basil leaves, served with a sweet vinaigrette sauce. These were tightly bundled and full of freshly crisp veggies and shrimp.


Noodle Shrimp Tempura – Lightly fried shrimp wrapped with bacon and crispy egg noodle served with house plum sauce. This was our favorite! We loved the unique take on traditional tempura. Definitely not a date night dish though- this one got messy! We loved how “nouveau” it felt.


Green Papaya Salad – Shredded green papaya, carrots, tomato, and fresh green beans add spice from fresh Thai chili tossed with spicy lime sauce and sprinkled with ground peanuts. Definitely bright, fresh and cleansing on the palate.



Tiger in Bangkok – Grilled sliced marinated tender sirloin steak, tossed with rice powder, onion, cucumber, cilantro in spicy lime dressing. This beef salad was absolutely delicious, but the coolest part was the rice powder- rice roasted and ground up into tiny, smokey crystals- offering another flavor dimension.  It gave the seasoning of salt, without adding excess sodium.

Shrimp & Clam Pineapple Curry – Sauteed shrimp and clam, fresh pineapple, kaffir lime leaves, bell peppers in red curry sauce. Always a favorite, this creamy tropical curry seems to taste even better in the summer with the freshest of pineapples! Full of flavor and fat, plump shrimp.

Ok, we might have stayed for dessert too…

Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango – This is a favorite for the gluten-free peeps.  It was Ashleigh’s first time experiencing the “warming effect” of sweet sticky rice (similar to the feeling you get when you eat bread-pudding).  This dessert was creatively displayed, with the mango sliced magically thin and then formed into a heart!

Coconut Ice Cream – made in-house with young coconuts and fresh jackfruit.  Topped with crushed nuts, mint, and a drizzle of chocolate, we could eat this every day!


Lotus Thai
3761 6th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103

Happy Hours:
5pm-7pm everyday

Don’t miss: The noodle tempura shrimp!

Take-away tip: Seek out a modern spin on traditional dishes, they tend to be fresher (and healthier!).

Thank you to Lotus Thai for hosting this week’s Happy Hour Made Healthy!

2 Responses to Happy Hour Made Healthy: Lotus Thai

  1. Whoa! They totally re-did that place! It used to be really hideous inside. I need to check it out again. Plus, it’s right by my favorite asian massage place – cascade. :)

  2. Kellen says:

    Yum! All of that food looked AMAZING! Definitely going to try the tempura shrimp :)

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