Friday Feature: Hillary- Nutrition Nut on the Run

Happy Friday, and welcome to my first-ever blog swap!

After stumbling across Nutrition Nut on the Run this year, Hillary and I become fast friends- sharing a love of good food, active living and inspiring a positive outlook in others!

Hillary inspires me with her balanced approach to wellness and is well on her way to becoming a certified holistic health coach. (Free consultation, anyone?!). As a member of the blogger community for quite a few years now, she’s got so many great bits of honest advice, delicious recipes, and seriously butt kickin’ workouts!

I hope this Northern California girl and I will get to sit down for mojitos soon, but in the meantime I’m excited to share this fun Q & A with her today- including her number one tip for healthy living and the most eye-opening thing she’s learned on her path to becoming a wellness professional!

Get to know Hillary below, and don’t forget to head over to Nutrition Nut on the Run to peep my own Q & A over there :)

Meet Hillary! | Nutrition Nut on the Run

1. What inspired you to start blogging? How do you maintain a blog/life balance?

I stumbled upon food/healthy living blogs in the summer of 2008, one the first being Eat Live Run. When I learned that there was this community of healthy living/foodies on the web, I knew I wanted in. Since elementary school, I’ve loved to write, and my passion for the culinary arts and healthy living started young, too. I launched Nutrition Nut in November 2009 and haven’t looked back.

The blog/life balance isn’t always the easiest. For the first few years that I was writing NN, my life nearly revolved around what I would post. I had my camera with me at all times. I posted, sometimes, just to post. I have since transformed my relationship with my blog into one that is more relaxed; one that focuses on quality over quantity. And while having a detailed archive of the past 5 years of my life is invaluable, I want to remember living moments to the fullest and not how they appear behind a computer screen.


2. What has been the most eye opening thing you’ve learned so far in the process to becoming a holistic health coach?

Where to begin… this IIN concept known as “primary food.” We can’t fix a poor diet by asking our clients to chomp on kale and hemp seeds when other areas of their life are need attention. It is vital to look at the whole picture – including physical activity, career life, and personal relationships.

I truly believe in this concept of holistic healing — addressing the complete system rather than with the analysis or treatment of certain aspects of one’s life. The mind and the body work as one.

3. If you could give someone only one piece of advice for healthy living, what would it be?

Focus on NOW. It is easy to get stuck in the past or ponder about the future; but this stress and worry is more harmful on our body than eating that piece of dark chocolate cake. We can eat all the green vegetables and omega-3 fats, but stress will wreck havoc on our bodies. By focusing on the present, stress is minimized and hopefully gratitude is amplified.

4. Have any healthy foodie recommendations up in your neck of the woods?

The plethora of farmers’ markets! Actually, there is small sustainable sushi restaurant, Aonami, that I enjoy — they have many vegan rolls with such ingredients as pumpkin and mango. Everything is extremely fresh!


5. What does your fitness routine typically look like? Does it change with the seasons?

My fitness routine is very intuitive; in other words, I don’t typically plan out a weekly workout schedule unless I am training for a race. By listening to my body, I serve it with the gentle or intense exercise it requests… and some days, its none at all. Since I am a gym rat turned at-home-fitness-fanatic, my workouts are “simple” and use minimal equipment. I prefer 3-4 days of strength training mixed with outdoor runs.

Some of my favorite at-home (gym and dorm-friendly) workouts include:

Booty Burner Tabata Workout
Dumbbell Chipper Workout
September Sizzler Pyramid Workout


Bonus: Do you have any upcoming vacations or trips planned, or where would you love to travel to next?!

My mom and and are planning a long Mother-Daughter weekend getaway for early October… possibly along the Cali coast. I would love to travel to Europe — any foodie’s dream!

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