Week Notes: September 21


Really struggling to put this week to words…it’s been quite a heavy one for a few close friends, and yet still completely full of high highs, giddiness, exciting developments and crazy connections. I guess “emotionally intense” would just about do it.

One of those weeks that seemed to go by in a flash but then when you look back on Monday can’t believe everything that happened was only a week ago! On top of the heat that had me sleeping sheet-less with ice packs, it almost felt like summertime in that “not real life” kind of way. So overwhelmed with the contradictory mix of positive vibes and trying to help friends navigate through life’s curve-balls (and maybe a bit of my own), my brain could just explode. But I also feel weirdly relaxed and at peace with the craziness. It was a really, really good week. I feel alive and even more connected to friends and loved ones.


Other notables: A Monday morning neighborhood walk & catch up talk. Listening to music made by friends. Homemade fresh green juice. A much needed reminder from Avery to “be present and let everything else melt away” while getting sweaty in her spin class. Meeting up with Kelli in an empty gym for a fun old fashioned weight training session (and realizing it’s been way too long since I’ve had a gym buddy!).

And then a somehow balanced yet whirlwind weekend:

IMG_5231.JPG stabmagwildfire

Wildfire surf film premiere at Stance HQ with a few friends and familiar faces.

Saturday: beach runs, reading, and tasty Fish Shop.




Sunday brunch at True Foods with the Blogger Babes Crew. Always a fun time with these awesome ladies!

And then an entire day well spent with Ashleigh…drinking beer, blasting Chingy, swimming, and eating poke before a hilarious evening adventure.





Life is a trip. But it’s also amazing. And so is friendship.

Here’s to a fresh week!

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