Week Notes: September 28

A quick peek into the week:


Trying to take in the last of the evening sunlight while we can! Happy Hour Made Healthy romantical sunset picnic in the park with bae (Ashleigh). Fresh spread and pomegranate spritzer recipe coming next week!

photobooth fun

Teen Age surf film

Teen Age surf film premiere on Thursday (because apparently we’re groupies now)


Dinner and Foster the People concert with friends on Saturday! Lotsa dancing. Lotsa fun.

Other than the above, Pilates, finishing the hilarious I Like You Just the Way I Am, and a heart-warming phone call with a long distance friend, the rest of the week was spent trying to take down the nagging to-do list. (Which is still very much in existence). Oh, and I think I’m allergic to vodka. But no really…

Lots to do this week before an exciting weekend ahead….have a great week!

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  1. Hillary says:

    allergic to vodka!? rats!

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