Happy Hour Made Healthy: Fall Picnic in the Park

With the first warm days of fall settling in, Ashleigh and I decided to pack up a seasonal picnic for this week’s Happy Hour Made Healthy. Hitting the park just before sunset, we stumbled upon the perfect lighting (oh hey, natural sun flares!) for the most unintentionally romantic picnic. Cue John Mayer’s cover of “XO”.
Inspired by my own bursting ripe pomegranate tree, we kept the menu simple with a touch of special- pomegranate seeds are like nature’s bling! With the blanket spread and basket opened, only a few minutes of easy prep made this healthy picnic so relaxing.
We popped a bottle of Rose Ashleigh brought back from Napa, topped each glass with a splash of sparkling blood orange San Pellegrino, and floated a handful of fresh pom seeds! For snacks, an assortment of cheese (look for smaller cuts of “leftover” cheese, perfect for picnics) paired with sliced pears, and crackers spread with almond butter, all sprinkled with ruby red pom seeds.
Sprawled out on the grass on the first day of fall, enjoying the fresh air and toasting to friendship, it was another successful Happy Hour Made Healthy. Skip your traditional happy hour this week and take some time to unwind outside before the darkness (daylight savings) arrives!


3 Responses to Happy Hour Made Healthy: Fall Picnic in the Park

  1. Alex says:

    Love the idea of doing an outdoor picnic as happy hour. That spread looks delicious. You said you had a pomogranate tree? Is that hard to maintain?

  2. Your boots are perfect! Looks like a great happy hour picnic idea :)

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