Week Notes: October 12


I am just really in love with life these days. Surrounded by love, friends, support. Collecting so many entertaining moments and borderline unbelievable experiences (the kind I know I need to document well now for inclusion in a future memoir :P).

This week I finally struck the right balance between being productive and being spontaneous. Realized that they can coincide, and I can fill my life with both without hitting one extreme or the other. I can knock out a bunch of jewelry orders and slay my to-do list, but still make plans to “see you in 10 minutes” and find myself karaoking on a Wednesday night. Not quite sure how it’s happening, but I’ll take it.


It was another full week (albeit not so well photographed). Lots of reading. Moments of extreme clarity. Almond milk honey lattes. Appointments. (Note to self: don’t schedule dental work for 8:30am, unless you want to walk around with a non-functional numb face and not be able to eat until 3pm).


Happy hour meetings are the best, especially with Social Studio. Looking forward to sponsoring their first-ever workshop (check it out!). And a special congrats to my favorite fit girlies Ashleigh & Andy, who beasted the Chicago Marathon this weekend!


Ready to tackle a new week, new to-do list. What did you celebrate this week?!


2 Responses to Week Notes: October 12

  1. Alex says:

    How do you make your almond milk honey lattes? They sound delicious.

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