Week Notes: October 26

sunset dips

fresh flowers

I found $16 in a toilet this week. And you can bet I wasn’t about to literally flush money down the toilet. 😛

Get ready for another photo storm, because this was a FULL week. Recurring themes: good food, good beer, live music, dancing, and Asheejojo (duh). So here we go:

Monday was my one “free” night, so I got kickin’ in the Rad Lion workshop and tried to catch up on some fun custom orders. Once life settles down a little bit, I’ve got a giveaway comin’ atcha next month!

Ballast Point fancy grilled cheese


Tuesday I met Ashleigh downtown for our long anticipated concert turned pretty much ultimate girls night. We started the evening at Ballast Point to catch up over beer and dinner before getting our Charli XCX on. After all the singing and dancing we figured we earned ourselves some Extraordinary Dessert (so necessary) before a Teeki pant & Mindy Project slumber party.



Wednesday evening we met again, this time just for a quick sunset ocean dip and dance party. The sunsets are only getting crazier. On Thursday I took a break from Ashleigh (haha!) and went out with another group of friends to catch up for a bit.


Friday night we hit the St. Lucia concert at Humphrey’s with some of the girl gang. So much hair blowing in the wind and so much fun!


After a productive morning of cleaning I grabbed lil’ turkey legs and met up with Avery & Kelli to catch up and write some love letters to strangers in the park. Just relaxing (finally) and taking in the fresh air together felt so nice. In the evening I headed downtown with a few guy friends and Ashleigh for the San Diego Music & Beer Festival. No pictures here really (outside of Snapchat) because…unlimited craft beer. 😛

And then we have Sunday:



Fun morning photoshoot for AnnMarie D’Ercole in Del Mar! We got to pull items and style ourselves, so it was like the ultimate dress up party. I did not want to take that amazing soft leather jacket off, let alone the real diamonds and black diamonds STACKED on my fingers! A girl can dream.



Next up was the La Jolla Farmer’s Market to visit the BUMP Coffee boys and get our iced coffee mojitos on. These are soooooo good I wish I could drink them all. day. long. Finally for breakfast at a casual 1pm, we shared a fired mushroom and Italian sausage pizza, topped with a perfectly runny egg.

Not quite successful Halloween shopping and some errands later, it was time to head to the Del Mar Village Association Vintner Dinner at Jake’s. Ashleigh helped put it together and I got to be her lucky +1 for the second time. We watched an incredible sunset and made it through five courses with wine pairings from Duckhorn: Grilled Peach Salad with housemade ricotta and pistachio brittle, Compressed Melon with crispy proscuitto and goat cheese stuffed figs, Butter Poached Prawns with roasted beet tatin, Grilled Colorado Lamb Chops with sweet potato puree, and finally a Julian Apple Crisp with bourbon caramel and cinnamon gelato. Yeahhhh……it was pretty damn tasty.


Hope you had an amazing week! What were your highlights?!


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  1. I can’t believe you’re still in the ocean in late October!

  2. Gah! It looks so amazing there right now. You and Ashleigh make me miss San Diego! I may have to stop reading your blogs 😉 Living vicariously for now. It will probs start snowing here in like a week, lol. -Lauren

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