Week Notes: November 9th


I know it’s Tuesday but I haven’t missed a week yet, so here we go!

A bit of a busy week, transitioning out of my old job and preparing to start a brand new one (details soon!), so I made sure to get in some last lunch dates with friends that work around that neck of the woods. Chelsea and I hit Choice Juicery, a really cool juice bar in Carlsbad inside of an old shipping container with lots of rad outdoor seating. Definitely recommend the Green Milk- a lightly sweet and creamy green juice.





Friday my old company wished me well with a happy hour send-off, and then I met up with friends for a night out. Exhausted from said night out, the next day Ashleigh and I grabbed breakfast burritos and passed out on the beach before heading to a Housewarming party for Jess! Always good to hang with these babes. We ended the evening with a walk to watch the sunset and a refreshingly early bedtime.


Ashleigh documented our packed Sunday with a little #photoanhour challenge, starting at Sambazon with Pumpkin Spice Bowls (soooo gooood).


On to another Ann Marie D’Ercole photoshoot…

cafe ipe

And life organization working lunch at Cafe Ipe, followed by a quick beach sesh, and ending with a roasted fall salad and warm cheddar biscuits (final hurrah before our beer and boys detox!) at Solace.

Cheers to good friends and new beginnings. Hope you all had a great week!

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  1. Hillary says:

    that’s one wild suit!

    can’t wait to hear about your new job :)

  2. Pearly Bird says:


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