Week Notes: November 30th


Short week in San Diego and long weekend in Napa. Finally bought the T. Swift CD (and still obsessing)! Hung around Ashleigh’s fireplace. Worked like crazy. Managed productive long car rides without getting car sick (for the most part). And also:



Pitt stop in LA to pick up Reid before the drive up to Napa. Grabbed a fat sandwich from Mendocino Farms and some fresh Kreation juice for the car ride and Thanksgiving morning.


Spent the holiday weekend up in Napa with family. The trees had color, the air was chilly and crisp, and rain even came down a day or two. Seasons are fun. I was mainly just excited to whip out my beanies! It was our first time spending Thanksgiving with that side of the family and Reid’s first time in Napa in general. Such a quality day full of warm food, great wine and catching up with family!


Friday I was able to coordinate hanging out with two dear friends I rarely get to see. I grabbed lunch with Jill- who I haven’t seen in 2+ years!– and then walked around drinking peppermint hot chocolate and catching up on life. At night, Ellie swooped me up and we grabbed Hot Toddys and beer downtown by the river. So many festive drinks!




Saturday, our cousin who owns Platypus Wine Tours took us to a few wineries and linner in Sonoma before we hit the road back home. Let me specify- I wasn’t driving 😉 We got back around 2AM but I could only sleep for a few hours with so much on my mind and to-do list. Sleeping makes me anxious!


On Sunday I got back down to San Diego, met Kelli & Ash at Cafe Ipe to do some computer work (aka LIFE), and then actually cooked my own real meal for the first time in what seems like forever, using veggies from my mom’s CSA box.

So there’s that. Now…..Happy December! I’m feeling ready to hustle and finish all (ok, most) of the things I set to accomplish in 2014….I’m ready to cross those off and create fresh, brand new goals. I’m really excited to do a year in review post (because there was so much good in this year and I’m an extremely nostalgic person). So, enjoy the last month of 2014 and make it count!

What are you going to accomplish before 2015?! 

3 Responses to Week Notes: November 30th

  1. Is Reid the bf?

    Also, where did you get your green utility jacket?

    Is Napa your hometown? I was close by in Sonoma County for TG.

    • Oh nice! The weather was such a nice change and everything was so pretty up there. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

      Bahaha- nope, my younger brother!

      And jacket was from Forever21 last year, but I’ve seen similar at H&M recently! :)

  2. megatkin says:

    Ahhhh I love that you love T Swift too! Obsessed with her new album. Loving your cute weekly recaps too! X

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