Week Notes: December 14th


A little bit of weather this week. Just enough to whip out the umbrella and cozy up by the fire….but still wear shorts.


Wrex the Halls concert with Kendall and Ash.


Afternoon beers and playing dress up in boy clothes for a friend (#socialmedia life), followed by Home Depot runs, holiday errands, and skateboard hunting.


Stamping out holiday orders at 2AM like a certified crazy person.


Soup night at Ashleigh’s- roasted butternut squash with Biergarden-inspired pretzel rolls and a casual side of sausage. Normal.

sunset beach walk with easton

Sunday’s holiday spirit went from 0 to 100 real quick. Mimosas and the game at a friends turned to tree shopping- plus a quick break for a romantic sunset walk with Easton- hanging ornaments by the fire with classic Christmas music and the coziest vibes, and then pajama party time with the Blogger Babes Crew for cookie decorating, toasting to Ashleigh’s new place, and of course more Christmas tunes and fireplace snuggs. Life is feeling’ good.


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