2014 Reflections


A lot can happen in a year, and a lot did happen in a year. 2014 was pretty incredible.

It felt like the universe really lined things up for me this year, and whether it began to send signs or I just suddenly learned how to listen, I noticed so many connections and found meaning everywhere. It’s kind of freaky, actually. A lot of things came full circle and cemented my belief that everything happens for a reason.

I started the year out in a bit of a funk, not actually unsatisfied or unhappy but feeling off in a way I couldn’t quite put my finger on. (Looking back, a vitamin B deficiency and living in a cave (our apartment building under construction with windows permanently covered, blocking all sunlight) probably had something to do with it). 

Moving into my own little place in Cardiff was the best decision I made this year, arguably ever. I really lucked out and still feel grateful everyday that I have the opportunity to live here. There’s a quiet happiness in Cardiff that makes my heart feel a sense of peace, like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. (Which is kind of a big deal for my anxious, restless and indecisive self). I love having my own place and getting into Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool contest was definitely a year highlight.

Being in my little studio walking distance to the beach- without Wifi for 6 months…#proud- was the perfect opportunity to slow down, simplify life and spend more time outside. Daily walks to the beach, market and coffee left me feeling grounded and allowed for all kinds of interactions with people- neighbors, crazies, and friends- that actually had a big role in shaping my year. It’s kind of crazy how little encounters at the right time and place can have such an impact.


Around the beginning of summer I began to feel an unexplainable weight lifted, and only seemed to feel lighter and freer as the months went on. Fall (which still felt like summer) came with a renewed spontaneity and happiness full of adventures, friendship and stories to fill a future autobiography/book. So many good memories I can’t not smile (or laugh) thinking about it.


The end of the year really flew by, and I’m shocked it’s already over! I’m ending the year with a job I am passionate about, feeling so happy with where my life is right now, creatively fulfilled, and surrounded by true friends and loved ones. Multiple times a week I have to text someone, usually Ashleigh, “LIFE IS SO GOOD!”….because it really is just so good.

I’ve been thinking over some goals for the new year and trying to figure out what I want 2015 to look like. I don’t reallyhave any idea at this point. Looking back at the goals I made this time last year for 2014, I feel pretty good about it:

  • Collect moments, not things. Less shopping (kick the habit). More new experiences, traveling, concerts, saving. Shopping habit when in and out in phases…new experiences, traveling and concerts was a definite yes. Saving…not so much. 
  • Take action! Less (over)thinking, more doing. More living spontaneously. More feeling fulfilled. Check.
  • Nurture existing friendships, make new ones and expand my network. Less “let’s grab lunch!”; more actual grabbing lunch. More keeping in touch with dear friends, more social events. Could have made more of a point o catch up with old friends and acquaintances, but did invest in existing close friendships and met and became closer with entirely new groups of friends. Definite check. 
  • Be present in each moment, improve focus on each task. Less anxiety, more being content in the present moment. Have a feeling “being present in each moment” will always be a work in progress, but headed in the right direction. 
  • Invest in myself– body, mind and soul. Probably took the #treatyourself mindset a little too next level, but it’s always worth it. Books, workouts and natural beauty products just make me happy. 


I can’t wait to hear about your year! Highlights, goals, lowlights, notables? Spill :)


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  1. Your year sounds SO WONDERFUL! I am obsessed with reading everyone’s reflections and aspirations for this new year. I find it so exciting and inspiring. I see big, big things ahead for you lady.

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