Week Notes: January 11th


After a weekend (or week, really) of over-indulging my body was begging for a restart. Normally I don’t fully cleanse, but my body was craving it. Pressed Juicery was having a new year special so I picked up the 1-Day Cleanse, because one day actually sounded doable. And it was! I managed to get through it— probably only because I knew I only had to endure one day of it. After work Kendanimall came by to drink tea and catch up for a bit.

The rest of the week passed quickly in a whirlwind of work and life catch-up. Saturday was beer day- we gathered some of the crew and hopped on a bus to visit a few breweries. We stopped at Mother Earth (home of my current favorite beer, Cali Creamin’) and hit Indian Joes, where we sampled all kinds of unique beer- from Blueberry (tasted like kombucha) to Double Chocolate Coconut (not a fan!).


Sunday was refreshingly rainy and gloomy. After a productive morning I met with Ashleigh for a Lofty Coffee date. Signature toast and almond milk lattes to warm up while playing catch up computer work. (Lots going on these days). After the sun set we headed back to Ashleigh’s, where I did laundry (finally!) relaxed by the fire, and started a new show- How to Get Away With Murder– which we became quickly obsessed with.



How’s your 2015 going? Have you seen How to Get Away with Murder?! 

One Response to Week Notes: January 11th

  1. I need to check that show out!! But I’m kind of a reading bender right now and zipping through one book after another so maybe I’ll keep that streak going before I become TV obsessed (again).

    I need to check out Lofty Coffee. When I run past it I always want to stop but never get a chance to!

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