Week Notes: February 1st

Oh hey February, didn’t see you there…I was too busy thinking’ 2015 had just started! Eeeep. Well, here’s to a fresh new month?

Not much to be said for most of the week…a random rainy day after a weekend of 80 degree sunshine, lots of working, a little letting loose. Got to sit and snuggle my favorite chunky monkey Wednesday night which made me a real happy camper.


Weekend was spent running errands (but not actually running), half-awake-sunbathing, celebrating, walking to dollar mimosas at sunset, Birthday dinner for Julie, and Super Bowl shenanigans.



Sunday: Popped the Figueroa Mountain Double IPA we brought back from Santa Barbara, semi-watched the Super Bowl and played Cards Against Humanity with quite the crowd.


How was your Super Bowl Sunday? 

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