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BOXFOX delivery

This year, I’m ready to hustle. And nothing makes me happier than supporting other creative hustlers, especially when they’re friends. So when the talented babes at BOXFOX sent me a gorgeous nude box tied up in black ribbon, I just had to share the love. All bias aside though…these babes are killing it.

BOXFOX offers pretty and personalized gift boxes for for life’s many moods, milestones, and moments. Curating the best of the best— so you don’t have to!— each beautiful package is hand-wrapped and handled with care. With gorgeous branding and a playful attitude, BOXFOX is gaining quick popularity with those who lack time but certainly not taste.

Chelsea Moore BOXFOX

The perfectly-timed HUSTLE box I received is filled with all of the pretty and practical work essentials needed to get down to business in style! Scroll down to take a peek inside and read on for a quick Q & A with BOXFOX girl boss, Chelsea Moore. Oh and like pretty things? Follow BOXFOX on Insta for your daily dose of styled perfection.

PS- Totally obsessed with these Galentine’s BOXFOX’s and the open boxes with bouquets (if you’re in LA for hand delivery)…the perfect gift to celebrate friendship and share the love with your best gal pals!


Q: Who is behind BOXFOX?
A: BOXFOX is the brainchild of me, Chelsea Moore, Jennifer Olivero & Sabena Suri.

Q: Why the Nude, black and white?
A: The branding was so important to us. We really wanted an elevated aesthetic that stood on its own but could pair well with the personality of both the gifter and recipient.

Q: How do you decide on the products in each box?
A: Tons of research! We build each box around a theme that can apply to many different milestones. We make sure that each box has a balance between substantial gifts and unique, personal items. We’re lucky to have so many great brands on board to create a box of products that truly complement each other.

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Q: What’s the hardest part of starting a business at such a young age?
A: I imagine starting a business at any age is a challenge, but being younger has its own special set of obstacles. Having conviction and dedication to face any challenge (and naysayer) head on and teach yourself everything you need to know on the fly is a must!

Q: Most rewarding part?
A: Getting to spend every day putting my heart and soul into something I believe in. Challenging myself to take this company to each and every new level.

Q: What do you see for the future of BOXFOX?
A: We hope to offer gift boxes for every occasion imaginable and to offer more opportunities for customization and personalization.

Thanks to Chelsea and the kick-ass babes at BOXFOX. Happy gifting! 

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