Week Notes: February 22


Straight up relaxation this week. Between “staycationing” at a neighbor friend’s, catching up on shows, bubble baths, early bedtimes, pedicures, yoga, walks with friends and wine nights, I definitely gave in to some much needed R&R. It’s like I hit the life reset button and am feeling beyond refreshed! Some scenes from the week:


subway tiles and bath tub


Homemade fish tacos ;). Being cooked for is kind of the best.

straight loungin

Tea + morning lounging in Foot Cardigan.


prAna Encinitas + CorePower Yoga event on Saturday with Beaming & Perfect Bars was a success. Thanks for coming out!


cheese and fruit plate

Annual Oscars party at Tori’s Aunt’s house…seriously the hostess with the mostest. It was the perfect rainy afternoon to hang out, sip (ok, down) champagne, and feast until we couldn’t move while judging the red carpet and discussing movies. And oh ya, JOHN LEGEND. Just a fun, cozy evening with friends turned family.


Coming out of the week with a little more perspective than I had going into it, feeling grounded and incredibly lucky to have everything I need and then some. Thankful for the true friends and beautiful souls that surround me, and ready to reflect that good energy back into the world and take care of others.  :)

2 Responses to Week Notes: February 22

  1. Larissa says:

    Why you gotta be such a bae??

  2. Such a beautiful post! Fish tacos look to die for

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