Week Notes: March 29


Sunset neighborhood walks might just be my favorite thing lately. Thinking of making it a Monday/Tuesday tradition…any takers? Cardiff Walking Club (currently consisting of Kelli and I) is about to hit the streets haaard. Muahah k but really.

This week: A little bit of Core40, Biergarden, car battery trouble (could be worse), and a thoroughly satisfying weekend— maybe just one of the better Sundays in a while.


Saturday: Dress shopping and Con Pane Rustic Breads. Can’t. get. enough. Also, currently addicted to sourdough bread. (And carbs/sugar/sweets in general….the worst sweet tooth ever. Going to try to kick that this next week!).


But in the meantime….Sunday sweets ;). Almond milk lattes and chocolate challah bread. Gaaaahhhhh.


BEACHIN’ ALL DAY. Threw a football around for a while and now I’m on a high feeling like I’m about to get drafted. But really, kind of forgot my throw is *decent and inspired to pick up some more sports. (*Those that have seen Ashleigh’s snapchat of me playing basketball, please suppress your laughter). Ended Sunday with sushi and music and good convo and hangs. Feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new week.


Happy Monday!

One Response to Week Notes: March 29

  1. Lauren says:

    Hi!! I stumbled upon your Instagram which led me here! First of all, your pics are rad and I can totally relate to your posts about almost everything. I live in Cardiff to and am looking to meet more people my age that enjoy walking/running on the beach, picnics and drinks, finding fun yummy recipes…basically anything outdoors and anything delicious! I’m 24, graduated from SDSU and fell in love with cardiff while most of my friends moved elsewhere. At the moment I nanny and work front desk at a dental office so my coworkers are either 5 years old or 45 years old so I would love to talk with you more! You’re really killing it in the Instagram/blog game:)

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