Week Notes: April 12th


This week I was finally able to slow down, lose the phone and computer for a few hours, and find those little moments of peace I’ve been aching for. Putting stress back in its place is so much easier without constant notifications popping up and new to-do’s, expectations, texts to respond to and things to deal with cramming themselves into your head. With a little time for reflection I’m coming to terms with trusting the timing of life, and embracing the realization that everything and everyone comes into your life for a reason, exactly when you need it. Coming, going, lingering for a bit or resurfacing, all relationships evolve and take the shape of what you need them to be– whether you’re conscious of it or not. It’s a really crazy and comforting thought. You can let it all go and just embrace the moment, what currently is. Everything happens for a reason, everything builds from everything else, and everyone is connected.


That said, it was a pretty solid week. Hopped on the bike and made my first ever bike ride to work. While just over 2.5 miles, with deflated tires and the slow hill from Cardiff to Solana, it’s not exactly something I’ll be doing everyday…Sweatfest 5,000. Followed up real biking with spin class the next night and got down on some good music, therapeutic sweat and endorphin release, and even running into some Instagram friends in the class. (Lol that that’s a thing these days, but a thing that I love).


Did laundry, watched the Bieber Roast (lolz), took photos for a gorgeous client work event, and topped off the work week with Green Mylk and a trip to newly opened Choice Juicery. The office is now officially sandwiched between all of life’s essential beverages: fresh juice, amazing coffee (soon-to-be-opened Lofty), and of course, beer (Culture Brewing). Liquid calories 4 lyf.


Over the weekend I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and jumped at my closet to purge and reorganize via the KonMari method. Essentially, you access each and every object and decide if it inspires joy and sparks happiness. If not, get rid of it. You’ll not only be able to make do, but feel lighter and happier, surrounded only by the things you really, truly love. I’m really connecting with her theories and can’t wait to finish purging the rest of my house of unnecessary things. There’s already not too much considering #studiolife, but still a lot I can get rid of.


Nothing really beats long Sunday’s at the beach. (Especially after a tequila-heavy Saturday night). This is becoming another ritual I am 100% okay with. (Sunday beachin’ that is, not the hangover). After Chai Almond Milk Lattes and early breakfast at Snooze with Kendall, I cracked open a coconut and hit the beach for a few hours with Ash. Upon suddenly remembering the existence of Bull Taco and the San Elijo general store, after a dip in the water we were in icy snowcone heaven, followed by Fancy Nachos on the beach at sunset. 

This week I want to focus on breathing through stress, eating well to boost my immunity (which has been off for a few weeks now), purging the studio of everything that I don’t absolutely love, and catching up on a little blogging. What about you?!

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  1. Love, love, love this post! Well, I love all your “Week Notes” posts, but this one hit me hard. I also need to learn how to better manage stress and I’m working on naturally boosting my immunity, too! I’ve been so off lately. And I need to do a third spring cleaning, because I just feel so cluttered right now! As always, thank you for sharing your bright, positive life through photos! I hope you have a great week this week! :)

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