Week Notes: May 3rd


I left my heart in Missouri. And by heart, I mean razor. Anyway– this week was long and full!

Flying out to St. Louis for a work trip Monday through Wednesday left the week all over the place. No workouts, not-so-healthy eating (hello deep dish pizza and in-flight beers) and throwin’ off the sleep schedule with late night email catch-up and Forensic Files back-to-back alone in the hotel room. Although a fast and fun trip, we were so ready to get back home. But first, some good old fashioned bowling.



Getting back on Wednesday I joined Asheejo as her plus one for a work event, another Del Mar Vintner Dinner. The food was amazing, from the Heirloom Caprese and Cauliflower Soup with Crispy Capers, to the Pan Seared Big Eye Tuna and roasted New York Striploin, finished off with a Chocolate Ganache Tart featuring toasted hazelnuts and coconut sorbet, of course!



The weekend came quickly, and was spent CELEBRATING. We threw a bottomless bday brunch and beach bash for Fit Andy— the ultimate B day– and hit the Padres game on Sunday before heading to BBQ for Kendall’s birthday.





Traveling, birthdays, friendship and gewd food…just a few things I’m extra thankful for this week 😉

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