Week Notes: May 12th

Taste of Cardiff 2015

In a funk for the first few days, I finally got my ass to Core40 for Spin/Pilates Combo Wednesday night, which was just what I needed. Endorphins turned the week right around.

Taste of Cardiff

Thursday I met Ashleigh after work and joined the Cardiff crowd for the annual Taste of Cardiff event, hitting several taste and sip stops around town for local food, beer, and wine, catching live music, and of course taking in the beautiful sunset. We couldn’t help reminiscing on how much has changed in our lives since we attended the year before (like seriously pretty much everything). We capped off the night at the new Lost Abbey Confessional tasting room before ordering PAM SOCKS online (lol) and calling it a night.

alley exploring

Friday evening I took the train up for a weekend filled with family– my brother’s college graduation, grandparents in town, and Mother’s Day festivities. Overwhelmed from the week, it was a welcome break to sit by the fireplace with spiced chai hot chocolate (!) listening to my mom’s latest adventures. 


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