Week Notes: May 17th


Lofty Coffee Co. is finally open on Cedros! We might be the #1 customers….went in 3 times in one day on more than one day last week. Woops. The excitement for quality coffee (see ya never Peets!) and avocado toast with poached eggs is real. So is the excitement for DONUT BAR donuts brought in by our intern on her last day.


Being honest, it was a challenging, take a lot out of you week that left me questioning a lot of things. Like, can I continue to be a happy, functioning human with my current lifestyle and stress levels? That’s a fat no. I’m headin’ straight for a Brittney 2007 by the end of the year if something doesn’t give.

That said, friends, good coffee, little moments of light-heartedness and mid-week puppy cuddles got me through it. Nothing like squeezing a warm puppy in the morning to get your day off to a good start (and simultaneously make you never want to leave bed, ever). By Friday we were sending Natalie and Ellie the pup off with Culture Beer next-door, and the rest of the weekend flew by with Kate Sessions BBQ picnic’n and Sunday evening Pitch Perfect movie with Kelli. (So good).


Sorry for all the food and drank photos…not a very photogenic week apparently! I’m inspired to make next week a million times better by doing what I can– eating healthy, working out, vitamins, actually getting around to things on my personal life to-do list– to bring some real balance back.

Any tips on staying balanced through a crazy week/month?! 

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