Week Notes: May 25


Ending the week/starting the new one feeling energized and inspired. I think it’s a combination of the books I’m reading, people I’m hanging out with, recent experiences, and general “giving zero f*cks” mentality that I can’t seem to shake these days. And I’m sure the much needed long weekend only helped. šŸ˜‰


I think I come fully alive in the summer. Even if I don’t feel necessarily off throughout the rest of the year, I feel like I become my truest self in the summertime. More spontaneous, free-spirited, full of energy and motivation. And despite all of the May gray, I can feel summer creepin’ up.


Asheejojo and I are kicking off Happy Hour Made Healthy again! We’re starting the series back up with a DIY Ahi Taco night…stay tuned. Fresh air and a cozy night on Ashleigh’s new patio was just what I needed to de-stress mid week.


The rest of the week zipped by in a blur– a lunch time run and lots of Lofty, per usual– before easing into the weekend. This one feltĀ like all weekends should be– enough time for relaxing, getting shit done,Ā andĀ letting loose.

Lots of girl time, walks along the coast with Alden & (recently met IRL) Noelle, guava beer sippin’, BBQ’n, enjoying good company and celebrating life in Encinitas.Ā 


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