Week Notes: May 31st


Playing a little catch up (per usual!) after a week of being sick and moving nonstop. In retrospect, trying to work through a cold and still operate like a normal, functioning healthy person did not help my case at all. I kind of forgot how painful, annoying, and frustrating colds + flus can be.


That said, before my cold truly set in, I got to meet up with my favorite blogger babes for a Biergarden night. Always good to see these supportive, creative gals. :)


Also got a much needed manicure this week…and in red. I never do red nails, or red anything in general for some reason– maybe I went overboard on red in high school?!– but lately I’ve been super attracted to the color. Does anyone know what this means?! Like color-therapy wise, or something?! Back to the nails…this color is called Cajun Shrimp…which makes me LOL.

On Friday I joined Asheejojo for this year’s San Diego Fair preview party. We stuck with the mostly healthy options (unlike last year) and had fun roaming around. With free food and way less crowds, this is the best way to do the fair!




Saturday I felt like I’d been hit by a truck, and almost couldn’t drive back up home, but had to make it up. Luckily my mom fed me soup and drugs and took care of me before I had to get an EARLY start Sunday working an event in LA. With my sore throat + cough and the 90 degree weather I went through 192 ounces of liquid in 8 hours (and coulda drank more if there was more available!).

Here’s to gettin’ healthy…

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