Week Notes: June 7th


FINALLY feeling healthy and normal after over a week of annoying sinus and cold issues. Let’s just say I won’t be taking my immune system for granted for a while. Despite getting vitamin shots three days in a row, this cold and cough lingered around for waaay longer than it should have. It wasn’t until I tried something I read– wet sock therapy– that I felt myself getting better. (It’s v intriguing…post coming!). Now it’s time to get serious about juicing and packing lunches (and generally being healthy) again.


Quite the solid week, though not very well photographed until the weekend (aside from my @pamlovesferrariboys Stance socks!). Met up with Noelle and Kelli for a neighborhood walk + talk (Cardiff Walking Crew expands!) early in the week.


Friday the team hit the beach with our balloons and took the new interns out to Las Olas….kicking off about one of six (or more?) hours I spent there this weekend. Tall, spicy, skinny margs all day. Almost literally. 😉


Saturday’s beach day was followed by a morning Pipe’s date, beach rest and recovering, and catching up with friends.



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