Week Notes: June 22nd


This week I finally got a new phone and let me tell you…64GB life is THE life!!! Now I can go about doing what I do best….taking 20+ photos of the same thing to ensure at least one usable photo… 😉


It was a quick week with lots going on…like 90’s ride spin class (YASSSS), client photoshoots and events. Big ups to Asheejojo for putting together another successful Summer Solstice this year. You can’t go wrong with a warm night, gorgeous sunset, and gooood sips and bites.


Friday evening was a perfect mellow intro to the weekend…spontaneous skating (mostly spent hunting down secret streets where no one could see us) before a few tasters at The Lost Abbey Confessional (too convenient)…winding down with Season 3 of OITNB. 😉



Waking up to warm sunshine on Saturday morning was the best. A day mostly spent at the beach with friends…eating, getting sunburnt, and some hilarious body/boogie boarding action. Kook game strong.



Sunday’s productive start brought the urge to hit a new coffee shop. We headed down south to Young Hickory and fell in love, enjoying iced lattes and a warm breeze. The rest of the day was spent out at the beach before a (naughty little) sunset Baked Bear stop. Summer is HERE. IMG_6125

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