Week Notes: July 5th

Fourth of July beachin' it, emojional style

Current sitch: Bloggin’ away in the studio with a cool breeze rolling in, candles lit, favorite country songs on repeat, and a chilled glass of wine; reflecting a bit not just on the past week, but the past year. Fully relaxing and soaking up all the good feels. I struggle (x 5,000) to keep up blogging lately, losing interest and motivation. But then I find my Week Notes from exactly a year ago…and am so glad I took the time to document the little highlights and moments. With that said…

Other Sons Studio, Del Mar

The week was short but full before leading into a beautiful, long weekend. (Much needed).  The weather has been v. tropical: hot and humid with spontaneous rain and thunderstorms. Kind of really into it, actually. We got to grab dirty almond milk chais and work from this cute little studio during a rainy day client photoshoot.

steamy cardiff nights

Tuesday night could only be described as “steamy”, and I found myself out running to an old playlist, taking new streets and falling even more in love with Cardiff. Being the night before the full moon, I took about 50 photos of the moon on my walk home. Although the sun has always been my thing, I’m finding a new appreciation for the moon lately. I couldn’t get enough!

cardiff beach girl gang

summer evening dinner party

The girl gang assembled for a day at the beach and some afternoon poke before I headed to the Happster House for a cozy dinner night with fresh panzenella salad, avocado bruschetta (Kelli’s speciality), a patriotic berry salad, and special request “$20 Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand”. Summer night perfection.

stonesteps encinitas fourth of july stonesteps encinitas

The 4th was mellow (quite a change of pace from the past three years). Mega beach bash —> relaxing night, with a few illegal firework sightings thrown in. Not being hungover is kind of the best thing. (Ain’t nobody got time fo that).

stonesteps, leucadia

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, filled with fun and relaxation!

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  1. Amy says:

    agreed, ain’t nobody got time for that :)

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