Summer List


Now that summer is in full swing (although the weather hasn’t quite gotten the memo yet) I thought I’d share a list of some goals and to-do’s for the next few months. There’s a lot going on lately, and I don’t want my favorite season to fly by without stepping back and truly savoring it. So here we go. Now the only thing missing is adult summer break. (Someone make that happen, please?).

Truck bed picnic at sunset. Gather friends and blankets, park on Vulcan and take in the sunset.

Weekly bike rides. Which also leads me to…

Explore more Cardiff alleys + side streets. On foot, on bike, while catching up with friends, while decompressing with iced tea on warm evenings.

Mini road trip/extended weekend trip. San Fran, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara….anywhere plz.

Host a patio party. My new fence is in the works and the patio space is making progress. The real goal here is to get the patio into shape…and then throw a party (because, duh).

Finish up books. I got stacks on stacks. Of books. So many good ones half-started or unopened. Prioritizing reading is a major goal this summer.

Clear and cleanse the studio. While I’m making it through little by little, I need to do a once-and-for-all overhaul, a deep cleaning, and some rearranging.

Hit the swap meets and flea markets. It’s been a while and I’m on the hunt for treasures and project supplies. (Ps- If anyone knows where to buy a cheap ukelele, let me know!).

Palm/aura reading. Recommendations?

Play tennis. And actually learn the rules.

Crafts and projects. Make a point to get creative and just make stuff.

Write more. Journaling, blogging, happy notes and snail mail.

I think that’ll just about cover it. Haaaaay #SUMMER2015.

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