Sometimes you just need a minute.


Sometimes you just need a minute.

Or a month.


Keeping up on life (let alone the blog) has been a struggle lately. Bouncing from stressful, long, frustrating days into hilarious, happy adventures with friends. Going from one extreme to the next, but feeling like I’m being sucked dry (of energy, creativity, kindness, personality). I’ve been going through the motions, not living with intention– or even stopping to just think and feel. Ignoring my personal needs to just make it through the day and meet the expectations of work and friends.

So currently hitting R E S E T. But thought I would stop to say hey, what’s up, hello in the meantime. More to come soon, I praawwmise.

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  1. Ohhhh girl! I feel you … like big time! Work has been sucking the life and energy out of me too. Take a breath. You’ll be ok. Hopefully you find some balance very soon. Hugs.

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