Week Notes: August 30th

better buzz encinitas

After a weekend full of shenanigans + celebrations, I woke up at Kendall’s and started the week with “The Best Drink Ever” at the new Better Buzz Encinitas before heading to work already smiling.

And then because I didn’t see enough of her the past few days, Ash and I went to Kendall’s for what ended up being a five-course Kendanimall-made dinner of fresh tomatoes, grilled veggies, and…sausage.


Though the mid-week is kind of blending together, Tuesday + Thursday were photoshoot days for one of our newest, exciting, yet-to-be-announced clients– eeep!– and Wednesday we went out to try a new (to us) sushi place– Blue Ocean. The sashimi and well, everything was soooo fresh and good.


Thursday evening just might have been the highlight this week (if it wasn’t for you, know, Taylor Swift). I ran over to Kendall’s after work and a group of us headed out to surf at sunset. It was so fun and warm and gorgeous out I wanted to stay in that moment forever. No pics were taken, which makes the memory even sweeter.IMG_9934

And then….TAYLOR SWIFT. We kicked off the day at Avery’s Taylor Swift-themed morning ride at The Rush, and even though my legs were fully jello the rest of the day they still powered through hours of dancing. Kelli and I grabbed happy hour at The Hake La Jolla while scheming ways to get backstage (ie: DM’ing Vance Joy) and then headed down to Petco Park. There was just no containing my excitement, and really no way to accurately describe how much fun it was. Thank you Kelli!


Come Sunday, I was still wired from the concert but my body felt like it was hit by a bus. Ash + I kept it mellow (and weird) with a lazy day that ended in a search for root beer floats (turned full on dinner) and snugglin’ up at our favorite house to watch the VMAs.

Note that this post is coming a week late, but….here’s to potentially gettin’ back into the blog thing?

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