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Week Notes: October 11th


Haaaaiiii. I’m back…I think! Let’s just jump back into it?


Started out the week with a rainy trip up to LA…train hopping and soft pretzel gorging. Shaking out long week days with popsicle run bike rides to the liquor store and soft warm breezes.


Heavy wine pours + arugula pizza with the laaaadies. Lazy Friday beer + poke bowls.


Iced coffee and couch hangs in front of the fan. A gorgeous barefoot team dinner on the beach followed by a quick drive up to LA. PLUSH HOTEL BEDS. A heart-warming (and warm) day in support of eczema.


Beachy Cream Roasted Strawberry Balsamic + Mint Brownie ice cream before another car ride back south.


Moments of relaxation in front of American Horror Story. Topping it all off with poke bowls and a Sunday sunset on Vulcan.



Life is good these days. Busy, but good.

Week Notes: January 26



Another packed week and first trip of 2015 in the books! We flew out to Salt Lake City for an expo with a few clients and had a blast freezing our fingers off, warming up in new cafes and taking in the scene. First stop: The Rose Establishment for the best smashed avocado toast ever, and a peach oolong almond milk latte.



We spent an afternoon in Park City, grabbing lunch before running around in Bzees.





We happened across the Raw Bean on our last day before taking off and heading back to San Diego, where we arrived back in Encinitas just in time for the most perfect sunset:








Saturday was warm and absolutely gorgeous. After working an event all day and hungry to the point of almost passing out, Ashleigh swooped by and we grabbed Cardiff Crack to hit the beach with. Warm sun, cold beers, dead phones and bikinis at sunset in January…bliss.


Sunday we fit in an afternoon bike ride and pit stop at Biergarden, and then later caught up with Kelli over happy hour. Exhausted from the week I ended up in bed at 8PM…it was amazing.



PS- How is it almost February?!

Afternoon Eats at Lumberyard Tavern


On a rare open afternoon a couple of Saturdays ago, Ashleigh and I visited an Encinitas staple, the Lumberyard Tavern. Nestled in the Lumberyard shopping center on Coast Hwy 101, Lumberyard Tavern is local favorite, serving up craft brews, a “saloon-style” whiskey collection, and elevated traditional bar foods.

Taking in the warmth of this winter day, we sat on the patio and started with a few refreshing drinks — $3 Bloody Mary for Ash and a Mother Earth Hefe for myself.


Sitting out lazily basking in the sunlight, we started with the Grilled Artichoke – served with house herb aioli & balsamic dipping sauces. This meaty artichoke offered a healthy alternative to fried starters and brought back memories of our summer grilling days.


For our first entrée, we went with the Fish Tacos – grilled mahi, cabbage, jalapeno cream sauce, mango pico de gallo, served with house black beans. The flour tortillas were thin and soft but just sturdy enough and the fish fresh and flakey, but the mango pico de gallo was the real star of the dish!


For our second entrée, we shared the Seaside Market Tri-Tip Sandwich– loaded with the famous “Cardiff Crack,” white cheddar and horseradish cream sauce on a french roll, side of au jus. If you’ve never had “Cardiff Crack,” you’re majorly missing out! It’s the crack-like addicting amazing tri-tip they serve at Seaside Market. A local favorite (ours as well), when you see the words “Cardiff Crack,” you just do it!


We always save room for dessert, of course. When we saw the Tavern Bread Pudding topped with vanilla bean ice cream and blueberries, we knew we had to order. Bread pudding is one of Ashleigh’s all-time favorite desserts. Anything that mixes hot with cold (and ice cream too) is a winner. This bread pudding did not disappoint.

The Lumberyard Tavern is a great place to gather with friends, whether you want to casually hang and catch up or watch a game with your whole crew. They’re always serving up a number of specials, a couple of which intrigued us to come back again (e.g. “Mexican Mondays” for tacos, and “tri-tip Tuesdays” for the signature “Cardiff Crack” from Seaside Market).

Have you been to the Lumberyard Tavern before?
What’s your favorite comfort bar food?

Thanks to Lumberyard Tavern for hosting us!

Week Notes: January 4th


This week was all over the place! With holidays, traveling, sporadic days off and a two day work-week that felt like two Mondays but were actually sort of Fridays, I’m all thrown off. That said, 2014 went out on a good note and 2015 is off to a great start! This week’s recap is half 2014, half 2015…



Ashleigh and I finished off a whirlwind weekend in Santa Barbara with breakfast at Tupelo Junction; I went with the mushroom arugula scramble and could not get enough!  Having taken Monday off, we made the most of it with a moderate hike on Saddleback Trail. Just the right amount of strenuous after a weekend of wine tasting, our heavy breathing was rewarded with a spectacular view at the top. With a quick stop at Pressed Juicery we were on our way back home (and ready to re-board the healthy train). 


Tuesday was freezing cold (hey, it actually snowed in San Diego County so I’m allowed to say that) and after a day back at work we kept warm inside making paninis, drinking wine and listening to the rain. Still chilly the next morning (New Year’s Eve) I grabbed Kelli for breakfast and we hit her favorite rainy-day spot- T’s Cafe. It was the perfect spot to stay cozy with a warm breakfast on a cold morning. Later in the day I met up with Ashleigh at Coffee Coffee for the last coffee of 2014 and a little reflection on the past year. 2014 really is going to be hard to top!


As the afternoon wound down I felt unusually at peace and content in the present moment…it was a good way to end the year. We kept the NYE celebrations relatively mellow and stayed within walking distance after toasting with a few rounds of kombucha champagne cocktails at my place.


New Year’s Day morning I woke up in the best mood, so comfortable in my bed. I blasted music driving the coast and met up with friends at Mozy’s Cafe for seriously tasty breakfast burritos. Only later did I realize my burrito had black beans in it- good luck! So exciting. I spent a few hours purging and cleaning my place, then hit the beach with Ash and Chelseawhere we witnessed some kind of hippie ritual- aka aliens landing. Definitely a great start to the year! 


Saturday I drove up to LA and got to spend the afternoon/evening with some dear pals celebrating Josh’s birthday. We hung out at Angel City Brewing- a super rad warehouse with art, board games, darts and even corn hole. Of course we had to indulge in some Wachos from the food truck outside…waffle fry nachos did not disappoint!


And then off to the Clippers game with Eryn! She has amazing seats (great for stalking) and I was honored to be a guest of the biggest Clips fan I know. All I had to do was study the roster… :)


Post game we ran into Adam Devine from Workaholics, which was so thrilling (haha, I’m a loser) and icing on the cake!


In the morning we woke up and walked from Eryn’s cute apartment in Brentwood to breakfast at Coral Tree Cafe. It was nice to get a little tour of the neighborhood and enjoy a sunny Sunday stroll. After filling up on THE BEST omelette, we stopped at Juice Crafters and the farmer’s market before heading back.


Must say it’s been a solid start to the new year! I’m ready to settle back into a slower pace and get back into a routine with eating and exercising. How was your first day of 2015?!

Week Notes: December 8th


Theme for the week: quality hangs and seasonal fun. After a Monday morning meeting at L’Auberge, I started the week off right regrouping with the girls for a “healthy snacks & movie night” (forgot just how funny I Love You Man is).




It rained! Lots of coffee and some rainy day brainstorming in the office.


Still rainy Tuesday night, we headed to Ashleigh’s for a home workout (8 Minute Buns & 8 Minute Abs!) before a crispy, steaming Salmon Hot Pot. And a beer. These hot pots are the perfect warm rainy day meal.


Then we kicked off the weekend celebrating Jess’ birthday with a shindig at her place. Saturday included a nice walk through the lagoon (part of which looks like Mars) with our old friend Spencer and his roommate. Afterwards we hung on the patio at Pandora Pizza with some avocado pizza and beer, before saying bye to the boys and hello to the girls for a night out.


Sunday included shopping, cleaning, and decorating before heading over to the Del Mar Village holiday tree lighting with Kelli!

Hope you’re having a great week!